The Evolution of 5G/OnGo is Driving Revolutionary Healthcare Innovations


Over the last decade, wireless has become critical to everything we do. Wireless is not slowing down, but accelerating at an ever-increasing rate.

Today there are approximately 6.5 network-connected devices per person in a hospital. Within 3 years, this average will increase to 13 devices per person and more than 50% of all devices will be wireless, potentially overwhelming networks. For the first time, we are clearly establishing the world of “mobile-first” in healthcare technology.

How are 5G/OnGo technologies going to impact hospital operations and healthcare delivery?

Check out this white paper to learn about:

Healthcare Innovations

• Real-Time Telehealth
• Wireless Robotics and IoT
• Virtual Reality
• Dedicated Networks

Integrated Wireless Technologies

• 5G
- Wireless Robotics and IoT
- Virtual Reality
- Dedicated Networks

• On/Go
- The Cornerstone of Future Hospital Networks
- On/Go Technology/Access
- Mission-Critical Applications

• Technology Timelines
- 5G
- On/Go
- Planning Strategies
- Mobility Workshop