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One Site or One Thousand – Meet the Challenges of Wide-Scale Technology Implementation with the Right Planning, Processes, & Partner 

The last decade has called for a smarter and more secure flow of work without compromising on quality irrespective of the location. The need for deploying new technology across company locations is successful when IT rollouts are planned, designed, implemented, and supported in a time effective repeatable manner. So whether you’re performing a wireless refresh, deploying new Point-of-Sale (POS) kiosks, or building a structured cabling system, the process should be identical and adhere to the same high standards across all global locations.

How can a Global Multisite Deployment meet today’s needs for an automated, secure, standardized, and collaborative technology rollout?

Read our deployment guide to learn:

• The six big phases (plan, design, prepare, deploy, validate, transition) in a global technology deployment. 

• The key considerations for a seamless end-to-end multisite deployment, including local labor laws, technology standards, taxes, and more. 

• Ways a single project management point-of-contact can make the customer experience consistent, integrated, and trouble-free from site to site. 

• How to choose the right rollout partner with the global reach, technological expertise, maintenance support, and asset and resource allocation for cost reduction.