2021 Global Networking Trends Report


Five Trends Driving Business Agility & Resilience in Times of Disruption.

Neither as individuals nor as businesses were we anticipating or prepared for a global, long-term disruption like COVID-19. Practically overnight, entire workforces began working remotely. While some businesses scrambled to push their goods and services online, others shifted strategic supply chains to new suppliers and geographies.

In the last 5 years, 7 out of 10 organizations experienced at least one severe crisis and 95% are convinced it won’t be their last.1 But what set the pandemic apart and why are organizations only now focusing on greater resiliency and improving business continuity?

Download this trends report to learn why:

• Pandemic trends are impacting post-pandemic business and IT planning.
• IT leaders must adopt a new mindset to successfully navigating future disruptions.
• Vital business processes are dependent on an increasingly complex web of digital technologies that provide the foundation for organizational resilience.
• Building agility and resilience for workforce, workplace, workload, and operations is more important than ever before.



  1. PwC: Global Crisis Survey 2019